Maintenance of Microfiber

Guide to correct maintenance of microfiber products

The following washing tips should be followed for correct maintenance of our textiles and to ensure the most environmentally friendly maintenance, in a way that the environment is spared as much as possible.


  • Wash microfiber mops and microfiber cloths in a machine wash up to 90° C.
  • Remember that the fibres open up at 67 degrees celsius and that the water hoses down the split fibres, so 70 degrees would be enough, but do never wash microfiber-products below 70 degrees celsius, as the fibres will not be clean at a temperature below 70 degrees celsius.


  • Tumbledrying has to happen in a moisture set tumbledryer or a tumbledryer that dries with cold air. In case this is not possible, choose closet-dry.


  • Use regular detergent (PH<10,5), like an environmentally friendly one, and adjust the dose to half of the recommended dosage of detergent as microfiber is self-cleaning at temperatures above 67 degrees celsius.
  • Do not use washing amplifier!
  • Do not use fabric softener, as it encapsulates the fibres (if washed accidentally - wash again without fabric softener.)
  • Do not use chlorine or bleach, except for what the detergent already contains.
  • Can be washed separately, as the material keeps the nap from other textiles.
  • If washed with other textiles, especially fuzzy textiles, use a washing bag.


  • Wash ONLY microfiber cloths together in one wash.
  • Wash ONLY microfiber mops together in one wash.
  • Wash ONLY cotton products together in one wash.
  • Wash ONLY acryllic products together in one wash.
  • Remember to always wash the 4 different types of products seperately, because there are different bacteria in each of the 4 products as they are used on different surfaces.

Optimal maintenance:

  • Wash on 70 degrees celsius to save energy, and to protect the environment.
  • Tumbledrying in a moisture set tumbledryer.


Download the maintenance guide as PDF for printing here.
For more information about maintenance on each of the different products, read the datasheet on the product.


*Nordisk Microfiber is Denmarks greatest producer of microfiber-products for the professional cleaning business