Quality is for us a well thought out complete system

It is not enough for use just to check ourselves within our chain of quality in regards to measurable results. This is why we branch out our knowledge and experience throughout our supply chain in a way that the production of our products becomes uniform and the best quality in regards to materials and production method. By focusing on this area we are able to secure our customers microfiber products of the highest standard.

Furthermore, all products are produced under the ISO 14001 & 9001 standard and meet the demands of the REACH SVHC candidate list, which deals with the environment and hazardours substances in textiles.
Product: Of couse, the products must be of the highest prorfessional quality. Our products are known for the longevity and best cleaning effect.
We deal exclusively in our own developed products, of the best professional quality.

System: We have developed a complete cleaning system which rationalizes the cleaning work on several points.
The two central points are economy and quality.  At the same time, the consumption of cleaning products, especially chemistry compared to normal cleaning, decline significantly.
Using our system will save you time and improve the quality of cleaning in regards to traditional cleaning.

Routines:  We analyze the work areas and work out effected routines together - that will reduce the amount of redundant workhours.

Guarantee: As the only one in the business, our microfiber products can tolerate tumble drying at 80 degrees and at the same time we offer a 3 year guarantee along with extended warranty on all of our products.

This is naturally only possible because our tests and experience with microfiber production and usage benefits our customers.

Just remember to read product data sheet before using the product.