Service concept

We see our service as one of the most important elements for us to continue the positive development, with which we have been succesful for the past many years.
We have been very customer concious from the start, big and small, with a thorough service from start to end. This has made us develop alongside our customers.
This is why we have introduced our service concept as a central part of our business, in a way which secures our customers the right products in relation to needs, as well as receiving the necessary guidance for correct usage.

We have a number of KPI's which we use to measure ourselves so we can document our degree of service to our customers.

All of our KPI's will be communicated through our newsletter, which allows our customers to see our measurements.


Education and training:

All who buy a cleaning solution through NMF will receive free support along with free education of all personnel - from start till finish. It is key that the users of our products know exactly how they work and which surfaces they are designed for, to make sure our systems work optimally.
Some of our products are chemical free which means that nothing but cold water has to be used, along with our other products that may need a soap solution.

We analyze our customers needs as a starting point and work out effective routines together - which cuts redundant workhours.


Our goal is a complaint process of 0 %.
This goal is an ambitious one, but we believe that we can live up to this standard, even with 3 years guarantee on all NMF-products.

In the event of a complaint, it will almost certainly be resolved within 48 hours.


Our goal is that all orders must be delievered within 48 hours from receiving the order.

A secure delievery is important to our customers - and for us.

With every cleaning system, comes a number of responsibilities about continuous replacement of mops, cloths, handles and feeders. We recommend that our customers, after 2 years, replace 33 % of the system each year, in a way that a continuous replacement is made, which maintains the cleaning standard.

This means that the supply security is very important and we strive to make sure that less than 3 % of the total orders are on backorder.
This means of course, that a very focus oriented effort must be maintained with our distribution warehouse, and in general of the production flow.


Due to the high quality of our products, we offer a 3 year guarantee on all products, as long as they have been used and maintained according to the production datasheet.