Nordic Microfiber's green environmental policy

Nordic Microfiber is a modern trading company, which in all circumstances has set itself to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

To meet the company's environmental policy, the following actions have been taken: 



  • Recycled paper is used as widely as possible.
  • Refillable ink cartridges are used as widely as possible.
  • Most of our electrical appliances have energy saving function.
  • All desks are adjustable in height.
  • All lighting is with low-energy devices and with daylight reduction.
  • All power in the company is delivered from wind turbines.
  • Our websites are 100% CO2 neutral.



  • All used packaging is sorted in containers for recycling.
  • Obsolete, non-marketable products are sent to authorized combustion.
  • Packing/picking orders are always shipped in "second hand" cardboard boxes - i.e. cardboard boxes that have been used for shipment at least once before.
  • Only cardboard for shipment that has been used before is purchased.
  • All products are manufactured under control of the REACH SVHC candidate list.
  • Coloring our products always takes place with focus on the environment, therefore is pastel colors only used. This means that our products are not color genuine after a wash, but on the other hand, we minimize the environmental impact by using pastel colors in our products.



  • No use of child labor at our production sites.
  • Selection of suppliers takes place based on their environmental considerations.
  • ISO certification is required to secure our value chain.




To see our specific environmental policy, click on the PDF-file




CO2 - 100 % neutral

Our goal is to be a 100% CO2 neutral company.


Today, we do a lot of efforts to reduce CO2, but to be a completely CO2-neural company, is still a bit fare away.


Did you know that using NMF cleaning system reduces CO2 by up to 70% compared to traditional cleaning systems. The reason is that there is either no or almost no chemical used, and that cold water is used in the cleaning method.


Overall, our intentions are to minimize environmental impact and ensure that we keep us up to date with developments in our industry so that we can continuously improve on the benefit of all aspects of our value chain.